Mach Medical is revolutionizing the orthopedic supply chain with a contract manufacturing operation that builds the highest quality joint replacement implants for OEMs in response to an individual patient’s pre-operative surgical plan and supplies that product in time for their surgery. Facilitating this is our High Velocity Single-Piece Flow Manufacturing approach and end-to-end supply chain management services.

High Velocity Single-Piece Flow Manufacturing

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With some enabling technologies from our sister company, SITES Medical, our proprietary high velocity, single-piece flow manufacturing process can build a single implant as efficiently as batch or continuous processing. Of course, we can do traditional batch manufacturing and supply chain management as well, but delivering only the implants needed for a single procedure provides the following benefits:

Reduces OEM inventory requirements by 80%.

Most OEMs carry at least 12 months of inventory in their system. Mach Medical’s approach can reduce it to 2-3 months, freeing up capital for investment into other areas of the business or dropping it to the bottom line.

12 Month Inventory

2 Month Inventory

Sales Agreement

Simplifies OEM sales rep and hospital/ASC logistics

Delivering an ‘implant kit in a box’ for an individual patient relieves the inventory management burden on the sales rep and surgical facility inventory manager and improves productivity.

Reduces new product introduction cycle time by 1-2 years.

Our design transfer to manufacturing process is automated using an advanced systems platform featuring a comprehensive digital twin, along with a standardized tooling system to reduce time-to-market. Also, when building just the implants needed for a given surgery, massive inventory builds for launch are not needed.


High performance, lower cost implants

Included in the offering is a high performance, lower cost bone ingrowth technology called OsteoSync Ti that can be attached to multiple materials to build fully cementless implant systems for maximum OR efficiency. Clinical utility has been demonstrated in over 100,000 surgical procedures since 2014. OsteoSync Ti’s combination of performance, cost and efficiency uniquely satisfy the demands of outpatient surgery facilities. Its robust nature also makes it distinctly appropriate for the highly automated manufacturing our high velocity single-piece flow method employs.

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