Mach Medical is revolutionizing the orthopedic supply chain with a contract manufacturing operation that builds the highest quality joint replacement implants for OEMs in response to an individual patient’s pre-operative surgical plan and supplies that product in time for their surgery. Facilitating this is our High Velocity Single-Piece Flow Manufacturing approach and end-to-end supply chain management services. Of course, our highly efficient manufacturing platform is suitable for batch manufacturing as well.


High Velocity Manufacturing

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With High Velocity Manufacturing, we essentially build what you need, when you need it, in the quantities you need, fast. We achieved this by engineering our manufacturing platform such that machine setup time between production runs is virtually zero and by accelerating inspection and documentation activity through automation. This enables Mach to economically manufacture flexible lot sizes down to a quantity of one unit.
Traditional Batch Flow
Machine setup time driving larger lot sizes for efficiency and cost Zero Setup time and automation allows cost-effective manufacturing with lot sizes as low as one

Two Implementation Options For Inventory Reduction

In option one, Mach supplies orthopedic implants with 3-week lead times and in any order quantities you need to satisfy demand. This approach can reduce an OEM's warehouse inventory or safety stock by over 70%. In option two, case templating is performed at the clinic and the OEM places an order with Mach Medical for only the implants needed for a given surgery and they are delivered in time for the surgery. With this approach, our OEM customers have the unrivaled opportunity to reduce overall inventory (warehouse inventory plus set deployment inventory) by 85%.

High Velocity Manufacturing reduces overall OEM inventory requirements by up to 85%

Most OEMs carry at least 12 months of inventory (warehouse plus forward stocking locations) in their system. Mach Medical's approach can reduce it to 2-3 months, freeing up capital for investment into other areas of the business or dropping it to the bottom line.
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High Velocity Engineering Transfer

Translating design specs to executable manufacturing is an engineering-intensive process. Mach has worked with Siemens and Microsoft platforms to develop a High Velocity Engineering Transfer process in which much of the work is automated. A Mach engineer does the detailed engineering transfer work (CNC programming and QMS documentation) for one part in a family and the system automatically completes the work for other parts in the family. This innovation leverages a standardized manufacturing platform as well as other innovations to reduce the engineering transfer time to 3 months or less, shortening time to market for OEMs and accelerating time to revenue.
Our High Velocity Engineering Transfer process, when combined with High Velocity Manufacturing and its capability of building just the implants needed for a given surgery and avoiding massive inventory builds for launch, can reduce time-to-market by 1-2 years.
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