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Implant and Instrument Manufacturing

Mach Medical offers complete supply chain management services and currently has complex machining, turning, polishing, buffing, EDM, advanced inspection and state-of-the-art clean and upgrade capabilities, enabling the manufacture of the following implants and instruments:
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  • Knee replacement implants
  • Hip replacement implants
  • Spine Interbodies, Vertebral Body Replacements and Total Disk Replacements
  • Upper extremity implants
  • Lower extremity implants
  • Trauma and reconstructive implants
  • Provisionals, cutting guides and other select instruments
  • OsteoSync Ti porous ingrowth technology-related implants

OsteoSync Ti Porous Ingrowth Technology

OsteoSync Ti is a high performance, lower cost bone ingrowth technology from sister company SITES Medical that can be attached to multiple materials to build fully cementless implant systems for maximum OR efficiency. Clinical utility has been demonstrated in over 200,000 surgical procedures since 2014. Its combination of performance, cost and efficiency uniquely satisfy the demands of outpatient surgery facilities. Its robust nature also makes it distinctly appropriate for the highly automated manufacturing our High Velocity method employs.
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Our highly experienced medical device industry team maintains an intense focus on quality. We are ISO 13485 Certified, FDA Registered, run an eQMS and utilize advanced inspection equipment.

Mach employs a DW Fritz Zero-Touch scanning technology that can create a digital replica of the product produced and is capable of scanning highly reflective surfaces as well as textured surfaces with low-single-digit-micron precision and accuracy.
DWFritz Metrology
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