Our Capabilities

System Overview

Together with our sister company, SITES Medical, we formed our high velocity, single-piece flow manufacturing process by developing and connecting key enabling technologies and supply chain workflows to produce a single implant as efficiently as batch or continuous processing. These enabling technologies are described below and provide game-changing cost and inventory savings along with substantial time-to-market reductions and simplified supply chain management. Though the greatest value comes from the combination of these technologies, OEMs can also elect to leverage a sub-set of the technologies that fit their organizational goals.

Enabling Technologies

High Velocity Material Technology – Oversized Castings and Forgings

By using oversized, generic castings and forgings there is no need to develop casting or forging tools for every SKU, reducing time-to-market by 4 to 12 months. Individual SKU castings or forgings can be developed after product launch or whenever it provides an appropriate cost advantage.

Dimensional Stabilization

Applying our proprietary Dimensional Stabilization process to CoCr and Ti components greatly reduces part movement during manufacturing, thereby eliminating the need for manual re-work and allowing process validation and automation, including zero set up time.

OsteoSync Ti

Proprietary technology offers improved implant-bone attachment without the risks or high costs of other materials and facilitates high velocity manufacturingTM. This platform technology has broad orthopedic applications.

High Velocity Engineering TransferTM

Our design transfer to manufacturing process is automated through the use of a comprehensive digital twin of the manufacturing process, reducing time-to-market by 6 to 15 months.

Single-Piece Order Manufacturing

A fully integrated, dedicated process flow with zero setup, common fixturing, automated transfer and digital inline inspection enables single-piece order manufacturing.


The Design History Record will have all elements required by regulators plus a complete scan of the manufactured product.

Supply Chain Management Services

These High Velocity ManufacturingTM enabling technologies are the keys to unlocking inventory savings, COGS reductions and time to market advantages. Mach Medical further adds value by providing end-to-end supply chain management services from raw material acquisition through sterilization as well as surgery procedure kitting and inventory management. Our ‘Virtual Factory’ also facilitates real-time access to performance metrics for your orders. This is Industry 4.0 realized.

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